Supporting The Exchange

By Jennifer Duncan | October 18, 2023 |

For every organization taking part in The Texas Education Exchange, we value your needs and want to ensure you are supported using our data solution. Whether you are a regional support team joining The Exchange, a vendor connecting your application, or a member district or charter school onboarding data, we take our support services very seriously. Your success is our success. To make that happen, we must anticipate issues before encountering them and create solutions.

Regional Support Teams


Our regional support teams and ambassadors receive training, including documentation of our products and services, support tools to help their districts and charter schools, and training and support on all products.


The Exchange support model is tiered in order to maximize our response time. The model combines local, regional, and Exchange troubleshooting as described below.

  • Level 1 - district or charter school system admin troubleshoots issues

  • Level 2 - regional support teams investigate issues

  • Level 3 - The Exchange conducts advanced troubleshooting

  • Level 4 - product teams work to resolve issues or create solutions

Regional support teams are the second tier of response, charged with investigating issues sent in via a ticketing system from member districts and charter schools. This system makes use of the existing regional support structure and maximizes response times for districts and charter schools.

Member District and Charter Schools


Each member will connect to The Exchange via the Onboarding Wizard, an easy-to-use tool to get set up. This process will include authentication and authorization work and issuing an API Key and Secret for our users. These steps must happen in order to onboard each district and charter school’s data into The Exchange. During this time, training will be available about the Ed-Fi Data Standard and how it impacts our work moving forward.


The Exchange and regional support teams will create a training strategy that fits the needs of each district and charter school. Training components may include office hours where you can join to ask questions, asynchronous video tutorials to learn how products work and reference documentation for all products and services. Districts and charter schools should discuss all needs with your Ambassador and regional support team.


For now, the Exchange customer success model will roll up under the collaborative regions. As The Exchange grows and more regions join, the model will change. Those support teams are shown below.


Please contact The Exchange at to connect to our system.

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