Software Providers

Make the most of Ed-Fi and deliver performance for your districts.

Software Providers are no strangers to EdTech and its wide range of systems. The Exchange helps software providers unite systems and make the most of the Ed-Fi data standard so that districts can increase performance.

Effectively reaching districts across Texas.

In its full build-out, The Exchange will integrate software providers via an application marketplace through which they can offer their solutions to Texas districts.

The Exchange will promote a large community of Ed-Fi-compatible applications to districts throughout Texas.

The Exchange provides opportunities for software providers to connect with districts and the state in new and innovative ways.

The Exchange will offer integration services and will develop an application marketplace through which software providers can offer their tools to Texas districts. 

The Exchange will provide support services to districts, helping them both to navigate the use of The Exchange and incorporation of tools from a variety of software providers.

FAQ for Software Providers

When will The Exchange be available for use?

The Exchange is currently open to all districts and charter schools in Texas. We are testing solutions with our Early Adopters.

How can I learn more about how to integrate my product with The Exchange?

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