School Leaders & Staff

Put better data tools in the hands of educators.

Principals and registrars can take advantage of valuable insights–both in the classroom and at the administration level.

Schools receive new students without complete and accurate data.

Schools are unable to easily receive data when students transfer from a different school, whether it's within Texas or from another state.

As a result, students often don't get proper support and interventions. The existing systems limit teachers’ ability to serve these students.

The Exchange cultivates and integrates data from various source systems into operational data stores ready for use by schools.

The Exchange is built on the Ed-Fi data standard, a set of simple rules for how student data is recorded and stored. That means that as a student moves from one school to another, their student data, no matter what SIS it is stored in, moves easily with them via The Exchange. This will increase the efficiency of student enrollment and quickly get teachers the information they need to integrate new students into the classroom.

FAQ for School Leaders & Staff

When will The Exchange be available for use?

The Exchange is currently open to districts and charter schools across Texas. We are testing solutions with our Early Adopters.

How can I get involved in The Exchange?

Please contact The Exchange to learn about current opportunities for engagement.

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