Education Service Centers

Lead the Way with a Better Approach to Data

As the technical and operational leads for their respective districts, ESCs can increase positive impact by leveraging this streamlined platform.

Individualized and customized support.

Today, ESC support for each district is incredibly manual and time-intensive. The Exchange helps ESCs provide more efficient and scalable assistance to districts with automated tools, in addition to providing the support districts need to successfully utilize and benefit from them.

Through participation in The Exchange, ESCs become part of a statewide collaborative that is sharing regional network successes and building upon best practices to benefit regions and schools across Texas.

The Exchange provides opportunities for ESCs to engage with districts and the state in new and innovative ways.

The Exchange is designing a business model that includes opportunities for all ESCs to participate and benefit. ESCs will be able to offer their tools through an application marketplace to all Exchange districts, increasing use across Texas. 

As a test case, The Exchange is integrating with Region 10’s CCMR Insights, enabling early adopter districts to connect with ESC products through The Exchange. In addition, The Exchange will deliver quality training to ensure ESCs can successfully support districts.

FAQ for ESCs

When will The Exchange be available for use?

The Exchange is currently open to all districts and charter schools in Texas. We are testing solutions with our Early Adopters.

How can I get someone to come talk to my ESC about The Exchange?
How can I get involved in The Exchange?

Please contact The Exchange to learn about current opportunities for engagement.

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