Interoperability 101

“Interoperability” is a major focus of The Exchange. But it can be a bit of a buzzword. In short, interoperable systems can automate things like data reporting to the state so that teachers and school administrators can focus on supporting students. Real-time data allows records to seamlessly follow students when they move schools or districts.

Interoperable systems ensure consistent data; allow districts to use different tools without wondering if they’ll work for the data; allow members of The Exchange to develop and share tools; and remain secure–always.

Ultimately, The Exchange will help educators be more effective in their roles and create more equitable access for students to get the help they need.

Benefits Breakdown

From ESC leaders to educators, The Exchange offers a more efficient way to manage data. Learn more about how our new platform will benefit your everyday work.

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This set of rules brings data into alignment. Get more details from the Ed-Fi team.

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