Make an impact in the classroom with comprehensive insights at your fingertips.

Texas teachers, counselors, para-professionals and other educators can leverage a range of insights to address learning gaps for students and improve outcomes.

Educators work within fragmented data systems, limiting their ability to support instruction.

Educators have been presented with a ton of data systems in the past–some quite effective, but rarely integrated. It's a challenge to create holistic views of individual students to assess learning and growth.

Many teachers have devised their own workarounds to pull together the student data they need to inform instruction, but that comes at the cost of their valuable time and energy.

Educators can improve student success with data that works for them.

Through The Exchange, teachers will have timely access to relevant data. It will provide educators with a snapshot of how students are performing and what their needs may be in the classroom. 

With relevant data flowing between systems and access to timely information, educators can add time back to their day to focus on student outcomes.

FAQ for Educators

When will The Exchange be available for use?

The Exchange is currently open to all districts and charter schools in Texas. We are testing solutions with our Early Adopters.

We want to learn from you!

We’re conducting short video interviews with people across our state so that we can make The Exchange a more productive experience for you and others in our community. Click below to fill out a short form and get on the list.

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