Districts & Charter Schools

Streamline systems to help schools stay focused on students.

With features like efficient reporting and portable student records, districts & charter schools can alleviate the technical burden for every school in their district.

Clear reporting from disparate data systems.

Currently, assembling meaningful and actionable data reports is a struggle. District staff source data from multiple systems, manually manipulating it to create tailored reports for each new query. With The Exchange, districts will have standardized and automated workflows at their fingertips. Integration via the Ed-Fi data standard will save time and allow district staff to provide more robust and reliable information to their stakeholders.

Supporting schools through actionable student information.

Schools need more than discrete data points; they need access to contextual information to best serve their students and educators.

Thanks to The Exchange, districts can support schools by creating data reports filtered by key variables such as time, event, and setting. Schools can then analyze these reports to highlight best practices and identify areas that may require additional support.

FAQ for Districts & Charter Schools

When will The Exchange be available for use?

The Exchange is currently open to all districts and charter schools in Texas. We are testing solutions with our Early Adopters.

How can I get someone to come talk to my district about The Exchange?

Please contact Jennifer Duncan at jennifer.duncan@esc4.net

How can I get involved in The Exchange?

Please contact The Exchange to learn about current opportunities for engagement.

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