The Exchange 101

This is a new data solution for Texas–built by regional service centers that represent educators across the state.

Member districts will have access to valuable tools to support their schools, including features like data health checks, customizable dashboards, expanded reporting, and early warning systems.

Our mission: share validated and timely education data from a unified system that empowers districts across Texas. With data that works for them, educators can help students reach new heights.


Scalable, safe technology.

Data within our unified platform will remain entirely under the ownership of its respective district. With The Exchange, student data is secure–even at scale.

Better decision making.

The patchwork of SIS vendors and LMS applications pull educators away from the classroom and inhibits their ability to make sense of data. The Exchange will unite these disconnected systems under the Ed-Fi data standard to provide clearer takeaways.

Cost savings.

The Exchange will be free to districts during the grant period and transition to a modest, fee-based system on Sept. 1, 2024. We plan to collectively negotiate best-cost options from national vendors that bring value to ESCs and provide Exchange-built applications for the benefit of members.

Customization for user friendliness.

The suite of applications will offer customizable views for everyone, ranging from teachers in the classroom to district leaders and beyond. Other features like data health checks and portable student records deliver a better user experience.

Value Proposition

Elevating ideas for better education in Texas.

Ideas and thought leadership opportunities abound in the Texas education space. The Exchange will help those concepts to materialize and be shared throughout the state.

Curated services and tools support districts across the entire state as they work to solve similar challenges.

As a community-driven platform, The Exchange helps Texas school districts and their stakeholders manage, review and operationalize education data. Tools allow districts to monitor institutional effectiveness, support educator welfare and promote overall student success.

The Exchange is an investment. Starting small, we are focused on continued growth down the road. We know it won’t be easy. But the commitment will be worth it, as districts everywhere stand to benefit. It takes all of us.

Better Texas ed is built here.


Starting with source systems, we bring everything together into the Ed-Fi operational data store and pull it into warehouse solutions. Ultimately, educators will get more precise insights through unique visualizations and other Exchange-built applications.

The Community

ESCs, districts, funders and other partners are coming together to build this revolutionary new platform.


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Find answers to common questions and concerns.


Ed-Fi! It's a data standard for the education space. Student data is mapped to a common language so that systems can interpret it.

What is interoperability?

Interoperability = ability of systems to exchange and make sense of information. Interoperable systems can automate things like data reporting to the state.

What will The Exchange cost?

It's free during our grant period. Come Sept. 1, 2024, we will transition to a modest, fee-based system. We'll do our best to negotiate options from national vendors to keep costs down.

Is The Exchange secure?

Yes! While data is unified under the Ed-Fi standard, it remains under the district's control.

What is the difference between the Early Adopters Group and the TSDS Pilot?

The Early Adopters Group is specific to The Exchange. Districts can sign up to be involved in the initial testing of this new platform.

The TSDS Pilot is a testing period for the Texas Student Data System administered by the Texas Education Agency. Districts can sign up to help test the state reporting-specific system.

When will The Exchange be available for use?

Our launch goal is Fall 2023.

What's next for The Exchange?

Fall 2023 Release:

Launch of Essential Services including:

- Source System Data Integration

- Basic data validation

- Online Community

- Educator Dashboards

- Administrator Dashboards

- Portable Student Records

- ESC support network ready to onboard districts and charter schools

Winter 2024 Release:

- Enhanced Customization

- Data Integrations

- ESC-developed apps

- Rostering API

- District and school profiles via Administrator Dashboard

Summer 2024 Release:

- Integrated Reporting

- Additional ESC-developed apps

Fall 2024:

Full release of The Exchange