Release Updates

The Exchange is live for all districts and charter schools across Texas!

We are working to onboard districts into our system and ensure all data is flowing appropriately. These districts vary in size, location, and SIS providers. The Exchange is free to districts and charter schools through August 31, 2024; we will transition to a modest fee-based system after our grant period ends. Contact us to learn more about joining this technology revolution!

With each new release of The Exchange, we are adding applications and functionality to fit users' needs. For a complete description of the applications, see our Product Catalog.


Stay tuned for the latest information on The Exchange development.

January 2024 Release

Enhanced customizations, additional data sources, district and school profiles via Leadership Analytics dashboard, and new community features.

October 2023 Release

Launch of essential services, including source system data integration, basic data validation, online community, Rally (educator dashboards), Leadership Analytics (administration dashboards), and regional support network ready to onboard districts and charter schools.