The Exchange at The ASCENDER User Conference

From one-on-one conversations with Texas educators to hosting rooms full of district and charter school representatives for a presentation, to answering questions, to passing out swag at the booth, The Texas Education Exchange team was a strong presence at the 2023 ASCENDER User Conference.

The Team attended the conference to share information about The Exchange, host in-person discussions and information sessions with ASCENDER districts, and learn from potential users about the value they see in our data solution. We engaged with hundreds of conference attendees at our booth, discussing how our data solution could help streamline their jobs from the business office to the classroom, even when it comes to state submissions. We noted over 150 potential users interested in learning more about The Exchange and interacted with even more face-to-face. With more than 1,400 attendees representing districts and regions across the state, we were able to hear concerns from educators in all roles and discuss what they think would help them best regain time in their day.


During an interactive portion of our presentation, we heard that districts are excited about The Exchange facilitating centralized data and providing white glove support. They also appreciate the ability to connect easily with other educators, share data, and use it to drive decision-making.


Exchange Director, Jerry Lashley, presented twice during the three-day event, showcasing our partner’s work building the admin console, online community, and dashboards that can give insight into everyday data needs across districts, campuses, and classrooms.

ASCENDER Presentation

The Exchange is launching statewide in September 2023. It will be free to districts and charter schools through August 2024. Click here to learn more.