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The Exchange App

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Ed-Fi API - Consume Data, Other

System administrators can configure system settings for their district or charter school from one user-friendly application. First-time district administrators are guided through the Tech Console with an Onboarding Wizard to set up their Exchange environment including ODS instances, users, applications, SSO settings, and more.


  • Grant user access to any or all schools in the district.
  • Assign user roles for data access that align with TSDS staff classifications.
  • Assign application licenses to district users.
  • Configure SSO for your district.

Technical Information

Business Requirements

Exchange Data Privacy Agreement

Integration Steps
General Exchange integrations, Is the onboarding wizard for individual districts, Role-setting for school- and district-level users
Type of Data Needed for Application
SIS and any personnel data platform
Level of Effort to Onboard

Review the Instance Summary data preview populated from the Data Health Check

Add, manage district users, update permissions, and know which users have accepted their invitations to join.

Manage licenses for applications in The Exchange

Select the single sign-on methods available to your district or charter school’s instance of The Exchange

What’s Next for The Exchange

Subsequent releases of The Exchange will feature an expanded product catalog of applications featuring Texas education groups and third-party vendors. They will also provide more options for participants to leverage the data infrastructure for custom reporting.

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