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School registrars can create student information requests for new students moving into their district from participating Texas Education Exchange districts, quickly and effortlessly. A digital snapshot of available student information is provided to the requesting school upon fulfillment. School registrars stay informed about the status of requests through in-app and email notifications.


  • Create a student information request for a new student moving into the district.
  • Review student information requests and fulfill or decline the request.
  • Communicate internally with other registrars in your district.

Note: Student Passport can get you important information quickly while you wait for further data from TREx to process. This application is not meant to be a replacement for TREx.

Technical Information

Integration Steps
Complete ODS Integration with The Exchange. Grant Student Passport permissions to users via the Tech Console
Type of Data Needed for Application
District must have ODS populated. District must have one or more users from their district set up with Student Passport Access
Level of Effort to Onboard

Get an overview of incoming, outgoing, and recently reviewed student transfer requests

Evaluate a high-level card for each incoming student transfer request status “Ready for Review” or “Waiting on Response”

Track the progress of individual student information requests

Review additional information accompanying student information requests

What’s Next for The Exchange

Subsequent releases of The Exchange will feature an expanded product catalog of applications featuring Texas education groups and third-party vendors. They will also provide more options for participants to leverage the data infrastructure for custom reporting.

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