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Leadership Analytics

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School Districts and Charter schools increasingly need up-to-date information to improve outcomes for students, staff, and families. Leadership Analytics provides an easily accessible set of commonly used dashboards built on the Ed-Fi data standard that can be used regardless of a school or district leader's data expertise and capacity. Leadership Analytics provides districts with data on attendance, enrollment, course grades, and more!


  • Understand chronic absence at your district or school quickly. Identify which groups and students are at risk for targeted interventions.
  • Determine which behaviors resulted in out-of-school suspensions. Understand which students are having behavior issues.
  • Examine current enrollment data at a glance. Identify new students. Identify students who have withdrawn.

Technical Information

Integration Steps
General Exchange integrations (e.g., SIS integration to ODS; single sign-on integration to Administrative Console), Assessment loads and integrations (dependent on vendors used), Role-setting for school and district-level users
Type of Data Needed for Application
SIS and desired assessments used by the district
Level of Effort to Onboard
Light, once the infrastructure is in place.

What’s Next for The Exchange

Subsequent releases of The Exchange will feature an expanded product catalog of applications featuring Texas education groups and third-party vendors. They will also provide more options for participants to leverage the data infrastructure for custom reporting.

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