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Regional education centers staff can view historical and predictive TAPR data in dashboards centered around TEA's strategic priorities. Edvise allows staff to choose the metrics and data slices to help them conduct comparative analyses across schools, districts, and student groups. As a result, staff can identify trends, differences, and areas for improvement more easily at the school, district, region, or state level.


  • Enables regional education centers staff to generate custom reports tailored to their specific needs. Allow them to choose the metrics, data slices, and presentation format for these reports.
  • View predictions of where schools will score modeled by past performance. Predictions are presented with confidence intervals in interactive visuals.
  • Allows users to visualize historical data over multiple years. This includes graphs, charts, and interactive visualizations that help identify performance trends and patterns.

Technical Information

Level of Effort to Onboard

Enable ESC employees to conduct comparative analyses across schools, districts, and student groups. They should be able to identify trends, differences, and areas for improvement using TAPR Data to generate reports

Evaluate strategic priorities, by campus, District Region or State for foundational Math, Reading/ELA, Science, SS, and Writing. Interactive dashboards will show predictive analysis for STAAR assessments.

Evaluate Graduation rates by student demographics

Use Generative AI with QuickSight to answer particular questions about your data and customize the visualization to suit your needs.

What’s Next for The Exchange

Subsequent releases of The Exchange will feature an expanded product catalog of applications featuring Texas education groups and third-party vendors. They will also provide more options for participants to leverage the data infrastructure for custom reporting.

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