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System Administrators can verify their data loading into The Exchange from various source systems with user-friendly district and school data dashboards. With pre-built dashboards providing various metrics and counts, System Administrators can analyze the data loads and compare them with their source system to validate completeness.


  • View metrics for data loading into The Exchange from the source system at the district level.
  • View metrics at the school level by filtering down from the district.
  • Compare 75+ counts and metrics with your source systems to verify completeness during data population and refresh.

Technical Information

Level of Effort to Onboard
Low once infrastructure is in place.

Quickly ensure your data is flowing properly by reviewing data counts from the last API load

Evaluate student enrollment data by district or school

Evaluate student attendance by district or school

Review district or school staff assignments

What’s Next for The Exchange

Subsequent releases of The Exchange will feature an expanded product catalog of applications featuring Texas education groups and third-party vendors. They will also provide more options for participants to leverage the data infrastructure for custom reporting.

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