Leadership Analytics & Educator Dashboards

Leadership Analytics & Educator Dashboards Powered by The Exchange

Imagine you have tools that give you the most up-to-date data on students and student populations – pinpointing needs, trends, and risk levels. How could that impact your work on campus, in the classroom? These are the tools The Exchange is working hand-in-hand to create with our partners. Customizable dashboards for administrators and educators can give them relevant data and allow them to analyze trends and identify significant patterns.

For example, our Leadership Analytics dashboard created by our partner, Education Analytics offers views of attendance, behavior, enrollment, and student performance trends within their schools. Not only can administrators now see daily attendance numbers, but in a single location, they can understand how attendance affects the student population over time, and evaluate student risk for chronic absenteeism. That data can be viewed by school or grade level, or for student subgroups to give a unique look at the information that affects each campus the most. Creating visuals using these data points is a powerful way to understand and communicate student behavior and performance. These new outlooks can change how decisions are made and inform interventions with the click of a mouse.

Enrollment dashboards allow educators to view numbers of students in different programs (e.g., gifted and talented, special education, etc.) and provide a comprehensive breakdown by demographics so administrators can identify underrepresented or overrepresented student populations.

With a more granular outlook on data, the Education Analytics’ Rally dashboard showcases an accurate snapshot of classroom learning. These views capture well-being and academic performance combined with predictive analytics and classroom management tools for teachers to better understand their students’ path to success.

The Exchange First Release

The Exchange is a groundbreaking new platform that will revolutionize the way districts across Texas access and utilize education technology. The first version of The Exchange, set to launch in September 2023, will establish the data infrastructure and core features for the base product offering, including an online community, administrator console, and school and educator dashboards.