Major Updates Enhance Data Management & Analytics in Exchange Applications

Comprehensive updates across our suite of products help further empower educators with robust data management and analytical tools.

By Jennifer Duncan | June 10, 2024 |

Comprehensive updates across our suite of products help further empower educators with robust data management and analytical tools.

We have been hard at work adding new dashboards and functionality to our suite of products and are excited to showcase that work. These enhancements address essential user needs and deliver deeper insights for informed decision-making.

Data Quality and Transparency Take Center Stage

  • Data Health Check: We are launching new dashboards that provide detailed enrollment data with drill-down capabilities for student programs.

  • Data Warehouse Docs: Data lineage made easy. The all-new Data Warehouse Docs app empowers system administrators to trace data from end-user applications (i.e., Rally, Leadership Analytics, Data Health Check) to The Exchange's operational data store (ODS). This facilitates troubleshooting and ensures data integrity across the platform.

Empowering Districts with Flexibility and Control

  • Tech Console Gets a Boost: A new on-demand Ed-Fi data integration through the Tech Console supports districts in seamless staff synchronization with The Exchange.

  • Rally Expands Assessment Support: Educators can gain a more comprehensive view of student performance with support for a broader range of assessments, including NWEA Map Growth, i-Ready, STAAR (Interim, Summative, Alternate 2), DIBELS, CIRCLE Progress Monitoring, and TX-KEA.

New Insights and Data Boost

  • Leadership Analytics Enables Deeper Student Understanding: New dashboards in Leadership Analytics paint a clearer picture of student progress. The Classroom Profile Dashboard highlights key student attributes, while the Student Profile Dashboard identifies potential risk factors for individual students. Additionally, a new look at the Student Grades Dashboard caters specifically to the needs of Texas educators.

  • Student Passport Receives Data Boost: Our teams designed the Student Passport application to streamline the student enrollment information exchange between member districts. Updates provide a more comprehensive view of student information requests. This release includes At-Risk indicators, enabling receiving schools to better support incoming students from the beginning. **Student Passport is not meant to be a replacement for TREx.

These product updates reflect our commitment to innovation and collaboration, creating ways to empower educators at all levels in Texas so they can focus on their students' needs.