Data Health Check Launches on The Exchange

The Data Health Check app empowers administrators and educators with robust dashboards and enhanced data health monitoring.

By Jennifer Duncan | March 15, 2024 |

Data Health Check Application

What it is:

The Data Health Check app empowers administrators and educators with robust dashboards and enhanced data health monitoring.

How do we do that:

This app enables system administrators to monitor data flow into The Exchange, ensuring the most complete data to provide a better experience. We offer dashboards that analyze enrollment numbers and allow system administrators to drill down information into usable pieces - including withdrawals and enrollment by district, campus, and grade level. And it promotes best practices for healthy data, creating a better experience for educators in downstream applications. Implementing best practices for healthy data allows for the following:

  • Data completeness: Produces the most comprehensive analysis and reporting.

  • Data consistency: Ensures the data has uniformity.

  • Data accuracy: Promotes accurate data across all uses.

  • Data timeliness: Allows decision-making to affect current issues.


  • Improved data quality: Promotes completeness, consistency, accuracy, and up-to-date data.

  • Better decision-making: Provides insights for informed analysis and reporting.

  • User-friendly: Intuitive interface with easy navigation.

  • Cost-effective: Offered at no additional cost to users.

  • Integrated: Seamlessly connects with existing district systems, including SSO.

Who it helps:

System Administrators who monitor data health and identify issues will use this tool most. It can also aid regional-level educators who support districts with data management and TSDS validations. Downstream, you will see the effect on all educators who use data to make decisions that can increase student success. If you would like to read more, click here.

Additional March Release Enhancements:

The Exchange community has added resources for our onboarding districts through a guided site tour. Here you will see all aspects available through the online community and gain a better understanding of where things are located. Users can also personalize available applications to launch from their workspace.

Want to Help Shape Our Product?

Upgrades and features are informed by educators across Texas including member districts and charter schools, who have been onboarding data and providing critical insights on the design of Exchange applications and tools through participation in user research. We are proud of our human-centered design approach to The Exchange, which ensures we meet the needs of all Texas educators.

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