Celebrating Onboarding Milestones

By Jennifer Duncan | January 18, 2024 |

The Exchange is proud to work alongside more than half of the regions in the state, bringing a more connected future to all educators and students. Currently, 13 regions are working alongside 12 districts in various onboarding phases to The Exchange. The five districts below are trailblazing, helping The Exchange test the onboarding process as they work to get their data flowing.

Our work to get districts’ data connected and get our valuable resources into educators’ hands is vital. Our early adopter districts play a key role in advancing The Exchange by participating in user research, collaborating with our training and support teams, and expanding adoption of Ed-Fi technology in Texas.

Our onboarding process has three parts:

  1. Student information - connecting to your SIS vendors

  2. HR/Staff information - connecting to your BI vendors

  3. Assessments - connecting to your assessment data

Our support teams look forward to serving more districts as membership in The Exchange grows. Shepherding districts through the onboarding process will help us better understand local data landscapes so we can provide high-quality customized support to our members.

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